Hi there and welcome to my blog – a place of photography and enjoyment for my huge variety of different dolls.

I am based in Norwich, UK and live very happily with my husband, cats and dog.

I’ve always enjoyed collecting things… whether it be glassware, vintage pyrex, fiesta ware or dolls!

My very first doll was probably a Barbie in the early 1990s. This was followed by Betty Spaghettis, Whats Her Face, Bratz, Fashion Polly and many others.

When I was about 14, I realised I relished seeing the world through the viewfinder of my camera. I was desperate to discover my own “objet d’art” as a focus for my photography.

So I discovered Pullip dolls.

If I remember correctly, the doll that started my frenzied collection was Pullip Mercu.

She was followed (very quickly) by other Pullips – Cornice, Papin, Chill, Celsiy and Street. Along with MJ Taeyang.

Eventually, I sought new pieces to photograph – and ended up with Blythe.

But even with my collection expanding, I continued to spend hours trawling through the internet, discovering remarkable individuals online with wonderful photography skills and beautiful collections of dolls.

I was inspired.

I’d struggled with my conscience for a few months over spending my pocket money on dolls… hard thing to do when everyone else is fascinated by Jane Norman clothes and Punky Fish ripped jeans.

But to find others who were so committed to something that gave them pure joy made me realise how happy my hobby made me.

So… fast forward 10 years.

My collection has reached far grander scales and continues to grow and grow.

This is my gaggle of girls.

Pullip . Blythe . Emerald Witch . Pinky:St . Sindy .  World of Love . Tiffany Taylor . Crissy . Bradley Pose doll . Monster High . Ever After High . Strawberry Shortcake . Makies . Eugene doll . Peteena . Leggies . Tammy . Tuesday Taylor . LaDeeDa . Una Moof . LaLaLoopsy . Whats Her Face . Novi Stars . Barbie . Sasha Lala . Tangkou . Puppetrina . Corinne . Waif . BJD . Tressy .

I think that’s it…

For now, anyway 😉

Crazy Maisy