Puppetrina is by far the biggest and most unique doll I have in my collection. She is awesome.

As her name suggests, she is not just a doll but a puppet as well. You can place your fingers in cavities near her arms and neck and voila, she can wave at you!

Totally bizarre but as soon as I discovered her I just HAD to get one.

Unfortunately, she was SOOO hard to find! I only ever saw three on eBay and one of those was the one I bought. Due to her age, a lot of Puppetrinas are in relatively poor nick. This is totally understandable – after all, she was a children’s toy and was meant to be played with. So when I discovered one in her original box plus two original outfits in their boxes as well I practically fell of my chair.

IMG_0245She arrived from the states in an enormous box. When I opened it these three wonderful things stared back at me!

It was like Christmas had arrived early!

IMG_0265Here she is in all her glory. The boxes are fantastic. They really capture the fun of her. A lot of dolls in the 60’s were hidden behind cardboard in their packaging so you only actually saw them once the box was opened. Puppetrina stands out wonderfully in her packaging. The colours are beautiful and the photograph of the little girl playing with her shows you how big she actually is.
The main box was slightly torn and stained but I expected it to be, I was still in awe that somebody had looked after her so well after all these years. I do wonder however, why she was never played with – quite sad really.


Puppetrina came with a little booklet which was attached to her wrist by a piece of string. This little booklet is adorable and demonstrates how to use her as a puppet. It also shows the different outfits that you could buy for her. A Princess, a Majorette, an Artist and a Cowgirl.

I do also love the little comments such as “Before dinner… make Puppetrina wash and dry her hands.” I have an image in my head of a little girl doing exactly that with her Puppetrina doll in the 1960’s!

IMG_0250This shows the back of Puppetrinas box once again demonstrating how to use her.

Poor Puppetrina having all these hands stuck under her blouse.

The diagram actually makes it look very easy to use her as a puppet! Now I know I am an adult and have larger hands than a small child, but I struggled to get the positioning right. Puppetrina does also have a bit of weight to her, so I can imagine she would’ve been a strain on a child’s (or mine!) arm in very little time.

IMG_0252Here she is!!! Hurrah hurrah

Puppetrina has a soft body, plastic legs, rubbery arms and a rubbery face with sleepy eyes. Her lower arms were a tad stained white and I assume this is sun damage. Her hair is rooted and comes with a lovely navy head band to match her little sailor outfit (this outfit was the standard Puppetrina outfit). Her head can turn and her legs move at the top joint allowing her to sit and even do the splits.

Alright Puppetrina, no need to show off.


I decided to change her outfit so I could get a proper look at her. I tried the ‘Artist’ outfit first. What amazed me was that the items were stapled down!

Now I don’t know whether they originally came stapled to the cardboard or whether this was done later on but oh my god was it difficult to remove them from the box. The staples were really old and rusty and I was terrified of ripping one of the garments. Luckily, after about half an hour I managed to released everything from the backing cardboard. Her smock is glorious and has a tiger patch on it. Her sandy coloured trousers weren’t creased at all. The hat was still stuffed with old paper to keep it plumped up in the box. The shoes were very difficult to get on Puppetrinas feet, although I have a feeling this may be due to shrinkage over time.

IMG_0253This is Puppetrina waiting to be dressed again! This leotard thing is underneath her usual clothes and is pretty much adhered to her body. The large flap of fabric coming out from the back (on the right hand side of her body) is the pouch where you put your hand to control her arms and head.

IMG_0267Puppetrina the artist has arrived!!

I LOVE this outfit on her. She looks really cute. Plus she came with a little paint palette as well!

Next I wanted to try the ‘Princess’ outfit. Once again, everything was stapled to the box

Cry cry.

This one took even longer to release from the staples as I was really worried about ripping the netting on the dress. This one took about 45 minutes to remove.

Oddly and disaapointingly, the dress had been taped / glued to the back of the box. You can see from the picture that as I removed it the glue residue was still stuck to the back of her dress. Packaging flaw or old age? Who knows, frustrating whatever the case.

IMG_0264Here is a blurry picture of Puppetrina in her princess outfit. This is very cute but I was miffed by the rust / sticky stains left on the dress. Still, I guess it is good nick in general considering the age!

I need to stop moaning!

Because I love her so much. Everything about her is just odd, bizarre, glorious and wonderful.

IMG_0271This close up shows you the detail of her face a bit more. She even has little teeth!

Puppetrina came as a blonde doll and an auburn haired doll. Although I have not seen one of those for sale. She is totally different to what I usually collect but I just couldn’t pass the opportunity to own such a wonderful piece of history by.


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