Peteena The Pampered Poodle

Peteena The Pampered Poodle
1966 – 1967 (??)

Peteena is AMAZING.

I lusted after her for years and years and I finally got one in fab condition, plus an original outfit.

Manufactured in 1966, Peteena was one unusual doll! A 9″ vinyl poodle, with a – relatively – human body. She does come with a removable tail which is positioned right on her bottom.

The markings on her back say ©1966/Hasbro®/Japan/Patent Pending.

She has rooted eyelashes and hair on her head. Peteena is wearing makeup; bold blue eyeshadow and very faint pink blusher.

I do not know exactly when they stopped manufacturing her, but I should imagine it was only shortly after she was initially released. No other versions of her came out (as far as I am aware), just a few outfit packs.

She is so pretty, I really do love her. She’s the most unusual doll I own and I just think she’s brilliant. It amazes me that she’s from 1966 – over 50 years old. Whoever owned this lady looked after her very well, it makes me wonder whether she was originally owned by a child or an adult.

She seems more of an adult doll to me…but who knows what the demographic is for a swinging 60’s poodle in a bikini?!

My Peteena came with a ballerina dress, leggings, shoes and flower garland. The lady who previously owned her also had sewn a beautiful bikini for her.

IMG_3687This photo shows the dress marked with the official Peteena merchandise label.

When Peteena first came out for sale, her original outfit was a green bikini, yellow sandles, green hat and bracelet. I think she might’ve also come with sunglasses.
The box said “Peteena – The poodle in a bikini

Because, well.. why wouldn’t a poodle be in a bikini, silly?

I know I mentioned earlier that no other versions of Peteena were released – which led me to assume she ceased manufacturing in the late 60’s.

However, during one my very frequent late night browsing sessions online – I came across a male Poodle doll … called Pete … hmmm.

Although there are several pictures of this black or white male poodle, I am struggling to find any sound information on him. But whatever the case, he looks cool. Peteena needs a friend!! She’s all alone!

IMG_3689Here is Peteena modelling her ballerina costume, complete with little flower garland headband. You may notice the odd shape of her legs; which is why I mentioned earlier that her body was – relatively – human.

IMG_3691And here she is rocking the wonderful outfit made lovingly for her by her previous owner.

IMG_0904I love you you crazy piece of plastic.


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