Gorjuss – The Pretend Friend

Creator Suzanne Woolcott / licensed by Santoro.


This girl is a new discovery for me and I adore her!

She is seriously quirky and totally different from the usual dolls I tend to get drawn to – and that’s why she’s special.

A contemporary doll; Gorjuss was created by an artist called Suzanne Woolcott who started off doing paintings and drawings of girls in a very similar style to the doll. All had this beautifully unique design that is just so appealing. Her artwork can be found anywhere – from tins, pencil cases, magnets, bags, cushions, books marks… you get the point.

Gorjuss is licensed by a company called Santoro who have a fab studio in London who look after and sell loads of wonderful things – including Gorjuss merchandise.

My particular girl is called The Pretend Friend. They’re about 32cm tall and you can buy different outfits for them (gasp!) They also have a certain, fruity / floral smell to them.

Not only are the dolls beautiful, but so is their packaging.

IMG_2486Here is Gorjuss saying “let me out!!!” (and since uploading this I have noticed the box is already covered in cat hair. Super.)

IMG_2480Here is Gorjuss with the lid off. Look at the lovely dotty / stripey patterns!! PRETTY. You can also see she comes with a little booklet showing all the other lovely girlies you can get. Oh god, please don’t tempt me.

IMG_2483And here is my lovely model showing the back of the box off. Yes box I agree with you; She certainly is an exquisite doll.

The cutest thing about Gorjuss I think are her little shoes. They are adorable. Her clothes are such fab quality she really is a joy to admire.

IMG_2485And she poses of course!!                                Cute little shoes!!!!!!!

Gorjuss is such a wonderful addition to the collection, and she stands out like a sore thumb compared to my other dolls, which is what makes her extra special.

She is also relatively affordable in the grand scheme of doll collecting. I think my girl cost me about £50 with postage and packing included.



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