Tiffany Taylor

Tiffany Taylor
Ideal Toy Co.

I love this girl.

She is seriously cool, especially standing at 19″ tall and towering above the majority of my other dolls.

As dolls go, she is not a flexible girl. Her legs move at the hip joint and her arms at the armpit. Her head also twists from side to side – apart from that, she’s pretty rigid and immobile

Oh wait.

Apart from her scalp. That swivels around depending on what colour hair you’re feeling that day. Because why not?!

I am very lucky to own a white Tiffany and a black Tiffany. White Tiffany has blonde hair and brown hair. Black tiffany has auburn hair and black hair. They both also have rooted eyelashes.


Tiffany is really fun to photograph, not only because she’s a giant of a doll- but her lack of poseability actually makes for quite a challenging photoshoot (which I find entertaining). She cannot stand on her own as she is way too leggy and has feet designed for heels. Therefore, she tends to fall over a lot.

img_0190In this case, Tiffany fell over and landed on the cat. Sorry Tilly.

Tiffany originally came with a gold swimsuit outfit, with a kind of cape thing. Very 70s and very … ahem .. grown up.

Tiffany has very distinct eye makeup, very pronounced breasts and quite a sultry, if not- quite hammered look about her to be honest! She was definitely a doll for an older child, certainly not your innocent ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ like doll.

None the less, she is really cool. I unfortunately do not have original shoes or clothes for either of my Tiffany dolls. Instead they are sharing a dress kindly made by a friend of mine for them.

Clothes were made for Tiffany which were available in shops.

img_0191Sorry Tiffany – one day I will get you shoes!

img_0186img_0183img_0182img_0193My white Tiff is definitely looking a bit more tired than my black Tiff – but both are still so beautiful.

**2017 update alert!**

My good friend, who created the lovely outfit Tiffany is wearing in the above photos has taken the plunge and decided to re-root her Tiffany Taylor doll.

Oh the curiosity!!!

As dolls go, Tiff certainly has a unique scalp. This presented a challenge as:

A. How do you actually get the scalp off?
B. Does it actually come off??
C. How does the mechanism work for flipping her hair from blonde to brunette?

My friend is braver than me.

FullSizeRender (4)
Oh girl what have they done to you?

FullSizeRender (5)
And the back, showing the mechanism which spins the scalp around allowing the hair to change colour.

And the wig / scalp itself showing the two tone hair plugs.

How cool is that?


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