World Of Love – Flower

World Of Love – Flower
1971- late 70s


I’ve been wanting to photograph this lady for months. She’s so lovely and is my only one (cry cry)

I discovered World of Love dolls by accident during one my usual late night eBay binge searches. As soon as I saw her, I bought her.

When she arrived from across the ocean, I opened her expecting her to be the size of a Pippa doll but she’s 9″. Bigger than a Pippa but smaller than a Sindy.

My doll is called Flower. The World of Love dolls each had a ‘groovy’ name. These included Love, Flower, Soul, Peace, Music and poor old Adam who doesn’t get an exciting name like the others.

Here is the box mine came in.

All of the boxes came with beautiful artwork on of the doll within. I’ve commented before on my Crissy and Kerry posts that the 60s/70s were really great at drawing wonderful designs on their toy boxes (even if the doll looks nothing like the picture – which is generally the case!)

Anyway, here is Flower.IMG_9645

She comes with her original dress, hat and sunglasses. Her boots are missing (although maybe that’s a good thing because one of her legs is very slightly stained pink from them long ago- wouldn’t want that to get any worse).

The khaki jumpsuit was not part of her original outfit – it actually comes from one of the clothing add on packs which you could buy for the girls. The pack this outfit came from was called Jersey ‘n Jumpsuit which also came with a jumper and hat.

Flower can move her arms at the shoulder joint and her legs at the hip joint. Her legs are wired and therefore bend at the knee. Her eyelashes are rooted and her hair is very coiffed!

They are a really great doll series. Wonderful size with excellent of the era fashions. I was lucky to find one that had been well looked after. Especially when we’re looking at over 40 years ago.

Good lord.




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