1963 – 1972
American Character Toy Company (initially)

Tressy is the latest edition to my collection.

I love her.

I especially love her resting bitch face. That’s what I think my expression is most days when I have to go to work. Or just most days in general.

Tressy is the same size as Tammy / Sindy / Barbie. Her charming bouffant on her head gives her an extra few cm on them though.

The bouffant in question is her growing hair which is wrapped up to keep it neat and tidy.  Tressy was one of the first dolls to be released with ‘hair that grows’. Her original outfit came with a belt with a metal key attached to it (choking hazard anyone? Oh wait, it was the 60’s – people knew what to eat and what not to eat). The key was put into a slot in her back which allowed the hair to be wound up. A button in her tummy -when pushed – allowed the hair to ‘grow’.


IMG_0176Crissy anyone?!


The Ideal Toy Co took over from American Character Toy Company when they declared bankruptcy, and Tressy continued with high sales.
Ideal Toy Co; probably rubbing their hands with glee, then used the ‘growing hair’ idea for the Crissy doll range – which also soared in popularity.

Looking at my Tressy, I think she is  one of the earlier ones judging by her facial expression, hair and makeup. She does not come with her original outfit or shoes or the key for her hair. She is in lush condition though.

Her arms move at the shoulder joint, and her legs move at the hip joint. Her legs are hard plastic rather than the commonly used rubber and wire; therefore her knees do not bend.



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