Fake / Factory Blythe

Sorry Tammy – Blythe stole your sexy dress.

Blythe- Fake / Factory (?) with Pure Neemo Azone body

I thought I would start with my fake / factory Blythe before I post on my two genuine ones. Partly because this girl is really pretty and funky, but also because she’s a point of interest.

This Blythe is not a genuine article. I know this because:

A. She came nude, with no box and no card (all real Blythe dolls should come with a box, outfit and an identification card)
B. Her body is not a traditional Blythe body (Unless you are deliberately buying a OOAK custom doll, no real Blythe should come with any body other than her own)
C. Her eyelashes are different (Blythes should have very straight cut eyelashes. This girl has feathered looking eyelashes)
D. Her face mould is different (Her eye mechanism is visible)

Fake Blythes and factory Blythes are generally classified as different things. From my knowledge, a fake Blythe is one that is a bootleg item, made from scratch. You might find that a fake Blythe is slightly poorer quality, or doesn’t even look too much like a real Blythe!

Factory Blythe has a more interesting story – rumour has it that she is made up of face plates, arms, legs, eye chips, pull chords that never made it through quality control in the Blythe factory. Workers take (steal) the parts of Blythe that don’t make it to the end result and are able to create a new doll from all the different parts.

I think this is the reason why a lot of fake Blythes are advertised as a factory Blythe – a factory Blythe certainly sounds more interesting, and people believe ultimately that she’s still made up of real Blythe doll parts which makes her more desirable – despite the fact she is basically a doll made from stolen goods.

I am not sure of what my doll is. She was advertised as factory and came from China. As far as dolls go, she is very lovely. It’s nice to have a doll with a posey body (I could customise one of my real Blythes with this body but don’t want to take the risk- I’m too much of a pansy!)

IMG_8865 (1)

Overall, if someone did not know what they were looking for – there is nothing to suggest immediately that she is not a genuine Blythe doll, maybe apart from the price.

She cost me £50.00.

A genuine Blythe will set you back over £100.00.

If you are looking to buy a Blythe doll – DO YOUR RESEARCH.

There are so, so many websites and references online to buying real Blythe dolls or fakey Blythe dolls, along with fab comparison pics.



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