Kerry – Beautiful Crissy’s friend
The Ideal Toy Co.

After days of waiting for her to arrive from Australia (and realising she had been delivered to the wrong house resulting in major palpitations from me) my beautiful Kerry has finally arrived.

She is advertised as the friend of Crissy – because obviously, Crissy needed a chum.

The box Kerry comes in is stunning. Just like the box Crissy came in, it’s incredibly stylised and totally of the era. The artwork is lovely and so retro. The boxes make me love the world of Crissy more than the dolls I think!


Ah look – theres Kerry modelling her funky outfit and hair on the front of the box. She is also modelling different outfits down the side of the box. What a poser.

Kerry has similar hair to Crissy. A short bob, with a dial on her back to wind hair into her head and a button on her tummy to release the hair to make it grow.

Kerry however is a blondie, with really striking green eyes. Her facial expression is also really quite unique, she looks quite realistic I think.

Kerry comes wearing a green playsuit with a sweet elephant pattern. The majority of Kerry outfits show elephants with four little legs, however there are a small number of Kerry dolls out there wearing a playsuit with two legged elephants on.


Who knows.


Ickle elephants!


Here are the two girls together. Both with their original outfits and shoes.

Oh, and the awesome things about these girls….


This is such a luxury as a doll collector and photographer, it’s a breath of fresh air to not have to try and hide a doll stand or discreetly prop the doll up against a wall.

Both Kerry and Crissy are chunky and awesome enough to stand on their own two feet looking gorgeous without any extra support.


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