Tuesday Taylor

Tuesday Taylor
Ideal Toy Company
Mid 1970s – late 1970s

Tuesday Taylor is a 70s babe.

She has gorgeous, coiffed blonde hair and retro blue eyeshadow – along with a rather sultry face.

Despite her short time spent on shop shelves, several different styles of Tuesday Taylor dolls were released by Ideal.

The first Tuesday Taylor doll had a rotating scalp which flipped her hair from blonde to brunette (handy huh?) . This idea stemmed from the much larger Tiffany Taylor doll released shortly before Tuesday. She was available with a variety of different outfits.

Other dolls followed.

These included a Sun tan Tuesday Taylor doll (who clearly spent all her time in a tanning booth because my my was she bronzed). Taylor Jones, a dark skinned girl whose hair rotated from brown to black rather than brown to blonde. And Beauty Queen Tuesday – which is the lady I’ve got.

Beauty Queen Tuesday does not have a rotating scalp. She is wearing a swimsuit and heels. The cool thing about this Tuesday however is her stand. Her shoes have magnets on the bottom which allows her to stand upright on her metal base.

Stand ‘n’ Pose Shoes!


I’m surprised this method isn’t used for more dolls these dolls. It’s refreshing to have a stand which doesn’t have to go round a dolls waist.

Beauty Queen Tuesday Taylor has a very pretty box with some nice artwork.


What always cracks me up about these old dolls is 80% of the time, the artwork barely reflects what the doll looks like.

Regardless, this girl is a babe. She’s difficult to pose as her legs go on forever and they’re dead straight, along with her arms.

Still, like I’ve said about the majority of dolls already – she’s looking pretty good for a 39 year old.



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