My Makies

My Makies
Makie Lab

The affordable ball jointed doll!

Well. Ish.

Makies are designed online – by you! You visit their ‘virtual shop’ where you, quite literally, design your own doll. From the face shape, to the ear shape, eye shape, eye colour, hair colour, hair style etc. He or she is then 3d printed (oh the 21st century) to your design!

Basically, it’s like creating a Sim! Except after you’ve designed and named your Makie, she gets made and posted to you (aaahh!! the excitement!)

The fun doesn’t end there though.

So after designing your Makie, you’re probably all sad because you’ve got to wait ages to get him / her. You probably have an adrenalin crash after the excitement of designing him / her and need a sugary cup of tea.

But hold on a second there sport!

After ordering, you should get an email from the Makie Lab telling you how excited they are about your doll  and how they “can’t wait to meet them!” Then, you will continue to get regular updates on when the mould / painting / wigging is done to when they’re finally on their way to you!

It makes buying them such an enjoyable experience.

The pictures on here show my Makie, sadly I have not given her a name yet. You can’t see it from the pictures, but she has lovely elf ears under all that pink hair. That is also the original outfit she comes in (which you can also pick!)

Of course, after getting this girly, I was desperate for another one.

But – sad times- the website has been down. For months. I’m not sure what’s going on but it’s like they don’t exist any more. I don’t know what’s going on but I am very unimpressed. Even my Makie looks sad.




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