Bradley / Pose

Bradley / Pose Dolls

Now, these ladies are very funky.

I was incredibly fortunate to find a bundle of five girls on eBay going for about £20 – chuffed much?!

These dolls go by several names; including Bradley (after the manufacturing company), Pose, Boudoir, Cloth and many more I’m sure. They were manufactured in Japan and Korea.

Pose dolls are cloth dolls with a wire base skeleton of sorts. They’re padded up and usually come wearing very flamboyant, old timey dresses and hats.

Although ‘Pose doll’ is one of their many names, they’re not exactly the most posable of things! Sure, their fingers can bend and maybe their arms a bit, but other than that they are pretty rigid. I am assuming that the term ‘pose doll’ refers to the lovely poses they come in.

The girls I have are all standing upright, they have no feet – just wire legs that are stuck into a plastic base which enables them to stand upright.

You are able to buy sitting down Pose dolls, but these tend to go for a little more money (based on my experience scouring eBay in a frenzy at 2am on a work night)

In general, pose dolls tend to range from £10-£80 that I’ve seen. Understandably, due to their age, a lot of them are very scuffed and dirty so finding one that’s in acceptable condition can present a challenge.

In the 1960s, Bradley released a wave of mod pose dolls all wearing brilliant 60’s mod outfits. (Yes, I am lusting after one)

So, despite their dated outfits and rigidity, they really are wonderful to photograph.

Apart from this lady, she’s sick of your sh#t



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