2003 – current
Vance Project

I bought my first Pinky:St online when I was about 16 – I cannot remember how I discovered them, but when I did I knew I needed one.

I guess these guys would be more considered as ‘toys’ than ‘dolls’, however I still feel they have a place here as:

A. They live in my doll cupboard with all of my other dolls.
B. They’re great to photograph.
C. They’re damn funky.

Saying that, I haven’t photographed these girlies in a long time, the pics on here were taken many moons ago – so they’re definitely due a photoshoot!

I digress…

Pinky:St are small figures, about 10cm in height. They’re quite anime in their style, not normally my thing but I do find them very cute.

The main (awesome) thing about Pinky:St is that they all come apart.


Their heads, upper body, lower body and even hair all separate from each other so they can be endlessly customised with other Pinky bodies and parts. This is the quirky feature that made me buy one, then two, then five. Whoops.

Pinky:St is still going very strong. They have even spread to media, with Pinky:St books, DVDs, Nintendo games and comics being available for purchase.

When it comes to cost, Pinky:St is actually relatively affordable. She can range from £8-£50 (limited editions) and is widely available.


Due to their increasing popularity, bootleg Pinky:St figures have made their way into circulation. Some of them were so good it was actually very difficult to tell whether you had a genuine item or not. But of course, any avid Pinky:St fan should know a genuine article from a fake, even the boxes or occasional cruddy paint job can give the game away.

Overall, these guys are pretty cool. They’re the smallest “dolls” in my collection and certainly one of the most unique.



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