Emerald Witch


Emerald The Enchanting Witch
1972 – ? (she was not around long! Poor Emerald)
Girls World & Milton Bradley

Emerald The Enchanting Witch is a cute little pixie of a witch!

She has purple skin, dark green eyes, minty bluey green hair and lovely little chubby features. Emerald has pale lipstick and green cat eye style eyeshadow with hints of glitter / gold. Her head, legs and arms are all moveable at the joint

The coolest feature of Emerald?

She has a slot in her back for a AA battery to go to make her eyes light up and flicker on and off.

The worst thing about Emerald?

She’s sooo hard to find!

Okay, so she’s an old doll and was probably bought for younger children to play with. As a result, undoubtedly loads of poor Emerald dolls probably got broken, drawn on and in the end thrown out (cry cry)

This would explain why they are particularly hard to come by and when they do, they tend to go for higher amounts of money not only due to their rarity, but their desirability as a vintage doll of the 1970s. Especially if in good condition.

Anyway, here are some pics of my beloved Emerald who I found going as a pair on eBay for an extremely reasonable price – her twin is living with a close friend of mine who is equally enamoured by her.

Here is Emerald in all her naked glory. Taken at 10pm at night with only a dingy kitchen bulb as lighting. I need to retake these – Emerald deserves a dignified photograph of her in her birthday suit. Sorry dear.

As you can see, she’s got a chubby little body. Very simple and sweet. The picture of her back shows the slot where the battery goes to make her eyes flash. I do not have a back cover for my Emerald (actually finding an Emerald Witch doll is one thing, finding one with a working back cover is another!)

When I received her, I did put a battery in her back to see if it worked. It did… for about 10 seconds. It then changed its mind and decided to stop. So for 10 seconds at least; I was very impressed.

Clothes were available to buy for Emerald. Her original outfit was a little black witchy dress, with matching witches hat and boots (adorable).

FullSizeRender (6)



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