Beautiful Crissy
With hair that grows and grows and grows

Once again, we have another gem from The Ideal Toy Co.

Crissy is a gorgeous, big girl. At 18 inches tall she definitely towers over many of my dolls.

The first thing I loved about Crissy was her box. I basically saw the box and that little bubble burst in my head saying “You have to have her!!”

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-11 at 18.31.30IMG_9071IMG_9075

Her box is very 60’s and very beautiful. Why can’t they make boxes like this any more!? Why does it always have to be that awful, sharp plastic that requires elbow grease and scissors?

Anyway, the box is fab and shows Crissy in her lovely orange dress demonstrating her growing hair. The side of the box shows how the hair winds back in using a little flower dial on her lower back.

The very first Crissy girls that were released in 1969 had hair that grew all the way down to their feet, whereas the later ones that year had hair that only went down to their waist – my girl is of this variety.


Here’s a basic front and side view of Crissy showing her original outfit and shoes, along with her hair at it’s shortest length.

This little lady is in such fab condition, it’s like she wasn’t played with at all.

After the success of Beautiful Crissy, more versions were released including Movin’ Groovin’ Crissy who could move at the waist as well as a Talky Crissy who – yes, you guessed it – could talk.

Alongside the Crissy line, more ‘Crissy family and friends dolls’ were soon in shops.
The growing hair was the common theme amongst them.

IMG_9083Sorry Crissy!!

Here’s a picture of Crissys bum with her makers mark on. It reads –
© 1969 IDEAL TOY CORP. GH-18. US.PAT followed by some squiggles and numbers.

The dial in her lower back controls the hair movement by pulling it inside the body.

IMG_9085If I flip poor Crissy over, you can see a button where her belly button should be. By pushing this button in, you can then gently pull the hair and it will smoothly “grow”.

Also note Crissy rather charming knickers which match her dress – I’m amazed she hasn’t lost them after all these years!


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