Tammy Doll
The Doll You Love To Dress
1962-1966 – Ideal Toy Company

Tammy is a gorgeous girl who was in production in the 1960s. Sadly, her popularity seemed to wain and production was ceased before 1970.

Actually, on reflection I think this is a good thing, she’s so pretty and retro that I’m glad her image wasn’t tarnished with newer versions.

Her body is made of plastic, and actually – unlike her more popular (trashy) cousin Barbie; Tammy has very nice looking body and face which doesn’t resemble the ‘morning after’ look!

Her body is nice and solid, and – dare I say it – a normal looking shape for a woman! (shock horror swoon) All you have to do is observe the dolls on the shelves in the toy shops today and realise how unrealistic their proportions are. Disappointing.

Her legs are thicker and more muscular looking, her breasts do not resemble balloons and she has a bit of chunk to her. Her face is also innocent and doll like. Yes, she has her rouge on and some nice lippy, but it’s actually a joy to find a fresh faced looking doll that is designed to look like the teenager she’s intended to be (Sindy doll anyone?).
Tammy can even stand up on her own unaided as her body actually supports itself.

These are just some of the reasons why Tammy is cool.

She was manufactured by The Ideal Toy Company, and shortly after her release they let loose the other members of the Tammy family.

These series of dolls included Tammys mum, dad, younger sister and brothers. I think they even expanded this range later on in the 1960s to include her boyfriend.

I have spent many an hour, desperately trawling through eBay and Etsy to find a good quality Tammy or family member – and I have to say I have struggled.

Tammy and family tend to go for fairly high prices. Particularly ones in good condition or with the original blue jumpsuit that Tammy modelled so nicely.

I guess this is understandable.

I mean, come on – the girl is almost 55 years old! So if you do find one that’s in good nick, I guarantee she’s worth the money. I hope I look as good as her when I’m 55…

(Also, can I add that being in the UK trying to find good quality, reasonably priced dolls which don’t have extortionate shipping fees from America is a real pain in my … foot)

Luckily, a good friend of mine sold me her Tammy for £30.00 and I will be forever grateful!

As for photographs, Tammy really is a fab model. Her features are very gentle and simple. She is definitely one of my favourites.




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