Eugene Doll

Vintage Eugene Doll
1960s-1980s (?)
Eugene Doll Co

Okay, I’ll admit it.

I know barely anything about this girlie.

All I do know is that she is either late 1960s / 1970s and was produced by Eugene Doll Co.

To be honest, I would say she is most likely 1970s – look at those big gorgeous eyes. And we all know that big eyed dolls were a ‘thang’ in the 70s.

FullSizeRenderAs you can see her back / head doesn’t give a date. Just ‘Eugene Doll. Made in Hong Kong”

In the words of Toyah – it’s a mystery.

I have tried my hardest to find information about Eugene dolls and the company using online resources.

It’s a struggle!

From the various snippets of info I can find dotted over the web, it looks like Eugene Doll Co produced masses of dolls over several decades, rendering it incredibly challenging to pinpoint this particular girl down.

Her head is rubbery, similar to Sindy heads and her body and limbs are a harder plastic.

Her arms move at the armpit joint and the legs move at the hip joint.Her head can also (very stiffly) look from side to side.  Other than that, she is pretty immobile.

FullSizeRender (1)

This little lady came all the way from the States, courtesy of eBay. I have also seen others which are very similar to her in style, with the big eyes and little chubby arms and legs.

She is a dear little thing, and I am assuming – hoping – that her dress is her original dress. It certainly looks old and fits her very nicely.

Her hair is very dry and probably needs a good clean. The problem with trying to clean a dolls hair with curls is you don’t want to risk losing the curl! So I might have to have a little think about how I go about this particular pickle.



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